What is the Sampler in Ableton?

Sampler is an Instrument that allows users to import audio and manipulate the key, timing, and playback of the audio sample. It is one of Ableton’s most advanced Instruments and has a profound amount of capabilities and options for sound design. Common uses of the Sampler include; Playback of one-shot samples and loops while manipulating […]

How do I add instruments on Ableton?

Ableton Live has many quality stock instruments that come with the program and also supports third party plugin instruments. To load stock instruments: Simply click on the Instruments tab in the Live browser (the left vertical panel of categories). Once the Instruments category is selected, you will see all of the available types of instruments. […]

What is a Drum Rack in Ableton?

A Drum Rack is one of Live’s most versatile and popular instruments. The Drum Rack is made up of 128 “slots” that can playback audio samples, plugins and effects in a variety of ways. Drum racks allow you to build a huge library of sounds in a single instrument on a track. Some artists have […]