What is Max for Live?

Digital Duct Tape. Max for Live is a visual programming environment that allows users to build instruments and effects for use within Ableton Live. Often times advanced users will create brilliant solutions to common problems such as, BeatSeeker, which allows Ableton’s global tempo to be synced to the average rhythmic audio timing. https://www.ableton.com/en/packs/beatseeker/ The growing […]

How to Install Max for Live?

Ableton Live Suite versions include a free download of Max for Live. in Live 9 Suite, you can login to your account on Ableton.com and download Max for Live, or purchase it if you have a lesser version than Suite (such as Standard or Intro). Ableton Live 10 Suite automatically has Max for Live included […]

What is a warp marker in Ableton?

Warp Markers are the yellow notches above audio clips when warping is enabled.  You can create new warp markers by clicking anywhere above the waveform. These serve as a way to snap or pin the audio to specific time based intervals. Live will also show grey arrows where potential warp markers could be. This is […]

What is warping in Ableton Live?

Warping is the way Live will stretch audio to a specific grid. The best analogy is this…You have a ruler, a rubber band, and some thumb tacks. The ruler is a timed based grid of evenly spaced intervals. The rubberband is the audio clip. It can be stretched or shrunk down to a specific space […]

What MIDI controllers work with Ableton?

Ableton Live will work with any midi controller, however here are 10 really good ones that we love. Ableton Push 2 Novation Launchpad Pro Akai APC40 MKII Akai Professional Advance 49 Arturia Keylab 49 Akai MPK Mini MKII 25 Native Instruments Machine MK3 DJTechTools Midi Fighter 3D DJTechTools Midi Fighter Twister Novation LaunchControl XL