Ableton price?

Ableton Live has 3 different versions; Intro, Standard and Suite (We recommend Suite). They share common features, but Standard and Suite have additional features, instruments, effects, and Packs. Max For Live is only available in Live Suite. See the comparison breakdown on their site. Buy Ableton directly from their site here. There are […]

How do I authorize Ableton Live?

To authorize Ableton Live, go to Preferences, Licenses Maintenance, then click “authorize at” You will then be redirected to Ableton’s site and asked to login to your account if you aren’t already. Once logged in, select the license to authorize. Click on “Authorize” and the server will send authorization information to your computer. […]

Can you transfer an Ableton license?

Yes. 1) To process a license transfer, the current license owner can login to their account and click ‘Transfer ownership of your license to another person‘: 2) Fill out the recipient’s email address, choose the license you wish to transfer and click ‘Submit’: 3) An email requesting confirmation will then be sent to your email […]