Warping Audio for Remixing Songs Copy

Ableton Live makes it easy to sync the timing of everything in a project to play perfectly together. This is one reason many EDM artists choose Live for remixing songs, DJing, and working with loops. Warping in Live is also perfect for quickly adjusting timing mistakes with audio recordings of real instruments like guitar, vocals, […]

Intro to Automation Copy

Ableton’s automation is a powerful way to create variety and movement throughout a song to keep things interesting. Today’s best producers and audio engineers use a good amount of automation in their music production, and know how to use the right amount in the right places of the song. When working with Live’s mixer controls, […]

Clip Envelope Automation Copy

Clip envelope automation gives us lots of flexibility by adding automation specific to individual clips. Instead of being stuck using automation on an entire track (which affects all the clips on that track), we can create automation within individual clips themselves. This is extremely valuable not only for creative production in the studio, but also […]

Producing with Drum Rack

In this video, we’ll start building a new Drum Rack from scratch. One thing that sets apart amateur producers from the pro’s is creating a full, well-balanced mix. A big part of this process is choosing the right samples/ sounds and layering them together. When layering sounds together, you should think about how different samples compliment each […]

Recording from Session to Arrangement View

Having both Session and Arrangement views gives us more creative options for composing and performing a song. You can easily copy/ paste clips (individually and together) between these views, or record anything played in Session view into Arrangement in real-time. Oftentimes, artists will record their live performances from Session into Arrangement view to share later […]

Getting Audio into Ableton Live

If you want to record sound into Live using a microphone, guitar, or any real-instrument, you’ll want to eventually purchase an audio interface. An interface converts audio signals into a language the computer can understand. As explained in this video, I recommend going into Ableton’s Preferences –> Audio tab –> Buffer Size: Set your buffer to 128 samples […]

Creating and Editing with MIDI Clips

Many producers began using Live because it’s easy to program MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). MIDI is a computer language that passes through your computer to program any given action you choose. We can program notes (like a piano) and then swap out the sound with any type of instrument/ sound we want. Super dope. […]