Editing Scenes & Looping Clips

Session View was designed specifically for Live Performance. (It’s also a nice way to build ideas when producing a new song, and then copying/ pasting it into Arrangement View). In this video, we’ll look at the following… Renaming Scenes – You can rename scenes to automatically change the project tempo and time signature for clips […]

Setting Up In-Ear Monitoring

You’ll need to consider your band’s monitoring to hear Ableton Live’s audio during a live performance. Oftentimes, touring bands or large venues will use an in-ear monitoring system and Ableton Live’s tracks out to this in-ear system to control what they’re hearing. If you’re a solo artist, have a minimal band setup, or don’t have […]

Preparing Your Tracks

STEP #1 – QUALITY AUDIO IS KEY When performing your own original recorded music… Consider the quality of the audio files you use for live performance. Professional artists rarely perform songs without having them mastered, or at least testing them on a variety of speakers before performing in an Ableton Live set. (Not sure what […]