Sub Bass Boost in EFFECT RACKS


Use this Audio Effects Rack to dial in your sub bass instruments. Use it lightly with the Dry/ Wet knob to have you bass heard on small speakers (phones, etc.), or create a heavy saturated bass sound. (TIP – try it on Ableton’s Hip Hop Sub preset made by Operator)

Lofi/ Melodic Keys for Serum in Keys, PACKS & SAMPLES, PLUGIN PRESETS


A collection of over 215 Serum presets with lo-fi and melodic keys. Watch this tutorial and learn how to install them in Serum.


ClyphX is a scripting language that “hacks” Ableton by renaming Clips and Locators. Download this Ableton Project template, including valuable ClyphX commands used by Jeff Caylor for his live performances and other awesome workflows in Ableton.

Download these essential keyboard shortcuts for faster producing in Ableton Live 10.1

Use this classic, vintage-sounding Tape effect built with Ableton’s devices. Get that signature saturation, warm colour, or wobbly wow & flutter tone.

Dan Giffin Sample Pack in Bass, Drums/ Percussion, Keys, Miscellaneous, PACKS & SAMPLES, synths

Download over 1.6 GB of Dan Giffin’s favorite audio loops and one-shots organized by key and tempo. Includes a wide variety of instruments like Guitar, Synth, Keys, Drums, Vocals, and more.

MIDI Remote Collection (for electric drum pads) in Control Devices, MAX FOR LIVE, MIDI Devices

Ableton drummers! Use this collection of Max for Live devices to expand possibilities with your e-drum hardware. Now you can take full control of MIDI mappings in Live that were not possible before with your drum pads.


(Ideal for: SPD-SX, Alesis Sample Pad Pro, BopPad, Drumkat, DTX Multi, Millenium MD-90, and more)

Risset in Audio Devices, EFFECT RACKS, MAX FOR LIVE


Risset for Ableton Live 10 is a simple device that modulates several frequency bands. Create interesting textures to pads, synths, or any instrument. It can be synchronized to your Live set and adds soft-clip distortion.

Notepad device in MAX FOR LIVE, Visual Devices

Use this Notepad device to write notes on the insert of tracks in Ableton Live. (Max for Live device)

ADM Phat Moog Bass v2 in Analog, Bass, PACKS & SAMPLES, synths


The Moog Sub Phatty is capable of earth-shaking low end. Grab racks of sampled Moog bass synth sounds, each one uniquely programmed and sampled into Ableton Live by AfroDJMac.