Ableton Live Production Course






Skill Level

7 hours



Intro to Ableton Live Production

Completing this course will help you:

  • Quickly get started producing music in Ableton
  • Establish your own workflow using both Session & Arrangement views
  • Learn Live's key instruments/ effects and know how to use them
  • Produce music in Ableton Live without needing a music theory background
  • Get more creative producing tracks

Who is the course for?

Anyone wanting to release high quality tracks and learn creative production techniques using Ableton.

Ableton Live has quickly become today’s #1 choice for producers of all genres around the world. This course will help you step by step learning Live’s workflows and creative tools including instruments, effects, recording, basic sound design, and production techniques. Get started releasing tracks like your favorite artists.


  • Join Facebook Group
  • Purchasing & Installing Ableton Live
  • Guide To Producing Great Music
  • Intro to Ableton Live’s Interface
  • Ableton Live’s Browser
  • Ableton Live’s Browser (Part 2)
  • Creating and Editing with MIDI Clips
  • Recording & Editing with Capture & Quantization
  • Saving Ableton Live Projects
  • WEBINAR: Organizing Your Ableton Projects & Sound Library
  • Using the Backup Feature
  • Producing with Audio 101
  • Playing Audio Samples on a MIDI Track with Simpler
  • Getting Audio into Ableton Live
  • Recording MIDI Clips & MIDI Preferences
  • Workflows For Recording
  • Dealing with Latency
  • Recording from Session to Arrangement View
  • Editing Shortcuts in Arrangement View
  • Multi-Clip Editing In Arrangement
  • Intro to the Drum Rack
  • Producing with Drum Rack
  • Inside the Impulse Instrument
  • Learn Music Theory in 30 Minutes
  • Play In Key Quickly Without Music Theory
  • MIDI Effects & Hacks for Playing Scales
  • Overdubbing MIDI Clips & Automation with Session Record Button
  • Understanding Ableton’s Racks & Preset Layout
  • Fitting Tracks Into A Mix; Prevent Overcrowding The Song
  • Intro to Automation
  • Clip Envelope Automation
  • Using Macro Controls For Quick Automation
  • Warping Audio for Remixing Songs
  • Workflow Creating a Remix With Ableton
  • Chopping Vocals with Slice to New MIDI
  • Organizing Your Sound Library & Projects in Ableton (WEBINAR)
  • Different Ableton File Types

What people are saying...


  • Ideal for anyone new to Ableton Live
  • Start quickly producing tracks while learning Live’s instruments, effects, and workflows
  • Learn to manipulate samples and get more creative with producing
  • Learn today’s #1 music production software used by the world’s best artists