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“I’ve been a musician and producer for nearly 20 years… I’ve learned more than I could imagine from Dan Giffin and this site. I now have a renewed passion and sense of direction when working on my own music.”

— Casey M.

“Dan has such a vast amount of knowledge on Ableton Live and is able to produce amazing music in a quick, intuitive, and thoughtful way. There isn’t anything I’ve thrown at him that he hasn’t been able to guide me on, even showing me things that I did not know were possible. He’s energetic and passionate about teaching and unlocks the creative potential in his students.”

— Graham The Empire

“I was more than blown away with everything i learned… I had no musical background prior. I feel like I got a foundation to start my music production career….I can hit up producers with any questions I have and always get an answer or suggestion to help me out.”

— Tyler W.

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